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Host Family Letter

Dear Host Family,

My name is Kai Kristin but my friends use to call me just Kai. I was born on the 17th of June, 1990 in Georgsmarienhuette which is near Osnabrueck where I still live.

With my mother Stefanie (44) and my little brother Max (16) I live in Nahne which is a rather rural part of the city. I also got a small brother Justin (4 years old) and a sister Carolin (3 years old) who live with my father Ralph (44) and his new wife Martina (38) in a small city near Osnabrück.

In my spare time I like to go swimming or riding the bike. One of my favorite hobbies is playing football which I hopefully can continue during my stay. I´m part of a woman´s football team in Osnabrueck, we train together twice a week. Besides I often go jogging and sometimes I play tennis or volleyball with some friends. Doing sports is an important part of my life. I also spend a lot of time meeting friends, going on parties, watching new movies at the cinema, reading books and travelling.
Furthermore I´m very interested in art, I love visiting art galleries and also doing art by myself.

Of course I like the English language and also shopping. Because of my passion for different languages and countries, I´ve had been to Britain for five weeks last summer to visit some relatives. During my previous life I went to the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium and Great Britain. I also travelled to different cities in Germany.

I would describe myself as a very outgoing and outspoken person. One of my best abilities is the patience with children; I know ho to react in certain situations and I´m proofed of what I´m doing. I also think I´m friendly, honest, positive and open-minded. I can accept different opinions and I´m very interested in getting to know foreign countries and people.

Friends are very important to me in my life so I got a lot of them. Within this letter I want to tell you about my most important ones. A very good friend of mine is Monika (19) from my school. We went to the same class for about five years and are very close friends now. We share the same interests, e.g. playing football or designing our rooms and clothes so we always have a great time together.

Another friend of mine is Sarah (19) who I know also about seven years now. In school we have almost the same lessons every day, sit next to each other and are very close friends. We love to laugh about everything and because I´m a somehow funny person she loves being around me. I like to make people laugh and also try to make every person around me feel comfortable.

Last but not least I´d like to mention Norina (18) who I know through the church group. We´ve been friends for almost four years and she has got a special position in my life. Unfortunately we don´t see each other that often because we´re both very busy, but through all this years we´ve always been in contact. I know I can trust her and tell her everything that bothers me.

I got a lot more friends because of school, football, church group and other free time activities which I can not mention at all. But I´m happy to have that many people around me in my life so it´s never boring.

There are many reasons for me why I want to be an Au Pair: living together with a family in a new and unknown country, taking care of children, learning something about the culture and tradition, meeting new friends from the whole world, studying at a college and not at last to improve my English knowledge. It's a big dream for me since a few years and it will be a great and formative experience to share my life with your family for a whole year.

I have passed my driver's license in February 2008 and I drive my mothers car daily without any tickets or accidents since that date. During my lessons in the driving school I have also attended a first aid course. Due to the fact that we sometimes have snow in our region I also have experience with driving in snow/ice and I am also experienced with driving at the motorway.

After my year as an Au Pair I´d like to study at university. At the moment I´m incertain about the main subject but I´ve got some ideas: design on the one and eventmanagement on the other hand. I hope that I´m going to come to a conclusion after my stay.

Now I want to tell you something about my childcare experiences.

I already told you that my father got two more children who are three and four years old. Whenever I can I try to visit him to look after the kids and to spend time with them. They´re very cute and kind of fixed on me, if I´m there they´re always by my side which I like a lot.

Besides I did a few babysitting jobs for a family with an infant called Tarek (2) who was the little brother of my brothers friend and a family with a seven years old daughter called Julia. The jobs were often at the evening or night, so we played some games or just had fun, got prepared for bed and finally I read out some stories for the kids. Unfortunately both families don´t need a babysitter any more so I had to quit my job.

Furthermore I took care about Lea (10) and David (5) who are the children of friends of my family. They´re very intelligent and I like them being around and playing with them. Sometimes Lea visits us, we play some games and she finally spends the night at our house. These evenings are always very funny and entertaining.

Since about four years (since May 2005) I´m working as a volunteer in my church. After my confirmation I got the status of a guardian for the younger confirmees and I started teaching them about Christian issues.
We worked in small groups of up to ten children but I also prepared games which we played with the whole group of over 70 confirmees.
I gained a lot of experiences through this job, I got a lot more self-confident and learned to speak in front of a big group. I know how to get the attention of the teenagers and how to teach them to respect me.

Sometimes I also care about my godchild Mattes. He tured one at the 15th of March,2009. I´m so glad having him and the chance to care about him. He´s one of the most beautiful children in the world and I´m happy that I´ve got such a good connection to him. He always laughs when I´m around and I guess he really knows who I actually am. Unfortunately I´m not going to see him for more than a year, I´ll miss him a lot. Because of my love to children I don´t think I´ll have any problems to embosom your children into my heart.

In conclusion, I would thank you for reading my letter and I hope you´ll probably contact me.I hope you got an impression of me and my life in Germany. I am looking forward to be an Au Pair and also a member of your family and to continue my life in the US spending a great and unforgettable year.

Love, Kai

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